Ingham County Genealogical Society

Stockbridge Town Crier Obits 2001

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Last Name First Name Page        Year
Barnard Rebecca S1, S2 2001
Boushelle Grace E. S2 2001
Brusseau Evelyn S2 2001
Carley Barbara J. S3 2001
Collings Clifford J. S3 2001
Collins Oral David D.V.M. S3 2001
Corson Joyce L. S4 2001
Delaney Sadie L. S4 2001
Flack Carol Jean S5 2001
Flannery Pauline H. S5 2001
Fletcher Carl R. (Doc) S5 2001
Fletcher Ronnie L. S5 2001
Gibney Rita M. S6 2001
Hamm Tennie Fletcher S7 2001
Hensley William Preston S7 2001
Hertzler James E. (Jim) S7, S8 2001
Hill Herbert D. S7 2001
Hoard Larry I. S8 2001
Huston Carl W. S8 2001
Kelley Aletha E. S9 2001
Kelly Lawrence E. S9 2001
Lehman Larry E. S10 2001
Loso Elizabeth R. S10 2001
Marshall Helen Beth S11 2001
Miller Irene L. S11 2001
Mitteer Violet S11 2001
Murray Lena M. S12 2001
Palmatier Bernice A. S12 2001
Patrick John E. S13 2001
Payne Grace S13 2001
Price Wayne (Pete) S13 2001
Proctor Joe V. S13 2001
Purdy Judy Ann S14 2001
Risner Artie S14 2001
Schmidt Dana Chris S14 2001
Spadafore Jennie R. S15 2001
Taylor Joan E, S15 2001
Towslee Zora M. (Oakley) S16 2001
Ward Ruth Lucille S16 2001
Webb Mary L. S16 2001
West Howard (Howie) S17 2001
Whitaker Jim H. S17 2001
Wiedman William G. S17 2001
Windrim Carlie E. (Wheeler) S18 2001
Wright Marjorie A. S18 2001
Wright- Marshall Charles (Charlie) S18 2001