Ingham County Genealogical Society

Stockbridge Town Crier Obits 1999

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Last  Name Page 1999
Adams Minnie s1 1999
Allen Frani s1 1999
Allen Amos (Rev.) s2 1999
Anderson Theresa A. (Fuller) s1 1999
Arnett Beatrice s3 1999
Badall Anthony V. s5 1999
Bailey  Mort s4 1999
Baker Frank Robert s4 1999
Bardon Jeffrey s5 1999
Barnett Avanell (Perkins) s6 1999
Barnett Benjamin (Benny) Franklin s6 1999
Barton Gene M. s4 1999
Blades Myrtle Rose s5 1999
Bowdish William s4 1999
Burmis Lousi C. s4 1999
Cassidy Walter C. s8 1999
Caudill Juanita s10 1999
Chester Betty Jane s8 1999
Ckinansmith Gary L. s10 1999
Clifton Janet Eldrige s10 1999
Collier Margaret J. s7 1999
Collins William J. s7 1999
Corson Lillian Ann s8, s9 1999
Cowan Eileen D. s9 1999
Craft Herchell B. s8 1999
Czajowski Juaniata M. s7 1999
Dawson Mable B. s11 1999
Deaton Sylvia E. s11 1999
Dennison  Skylar Darlene s11 1999
DeSaeger Andrew s12 1999
Dixon Sidney V. s11 1999
Donohue Jack C. s12 1999
Downey Ruth B. s11  1999
Earl Doris V. s13 1999
Elliot Mander L. s13 1999
Elliot Samie L. s13 1999
Fansler Robert J. s17 1999
Finch Ronald D., Sr. s15 1999
Finfrock Kenneth, Jr. s16 1999
Fink Albert W. s15 1999
Fitch Elsie s16 1999
Flack Martha R. s17 1999
Fletcher Barbara Ann s16 1999
Fletcher Birdia s17 1999
Ford Wilda Wellington s14 1999
Freeman H. Scott s15 1999
Geer Wayne H. s18 1999
Gould Benjamin Evan s18  1999
Hagey Russell A. s19 1999
Harper Mollie M. s20 1999
Harr F. Elizabeth (Walz) s19 1999
Harrington Mary Jane s20 1999
Hoffman William C. s19 1999
Howarth Deborah J. s20 1999
Howlett Freda B. s21 1999
Hoy Joanne S. s19 1999
Jaskot Ruth I. s22 1999
Jones Darcus s22 1999
Kapco Andrew s23 1999
King Marcella s23 1999
Landwehr LeRoy H. s24 1999
Lockhart Arthur Glenn s24 1999
Maas Lewis D. s26 1999
Mack Eleanor L. s27 1999
Marshall  Justice s29 1999
Marshall   Joanne V. s27 1999
McCann James C. s25 1999
McCoubrey Alyssa Danielle s27 1999
Merritt Evelyn V. s29 1999
Mikelonis Raymond Walter s28 1999
Millhouse John A. s28 1999
Minneboo Anthony (Tony) s25 1999
Moore Earl (Red) L. s25 1999
Mullins Carl (Rev.) s26 1999
Norkus Leonardas A. s30 1999
Oliver William E. s30 1999
Partin James Thomas s31 1999
Paul Rosalie L. s32 1999
Pena Gregorio s32 1999
Phelps Mary Jeanne s31 1999
Pickett Nellie P. s31 1999
Ring Noah Joseph s33 1999
Risner  John T., Sr. s33 1999
Robeson Harlin J. s33 1999
Rose Wilma A. s33 1999
Shepherd Myrtle M. s36 1999
Shevrovich Jimmy s36 1999
Shew Mary A. s36 1999
Silveus Frances Isabelle s35 1999
Smith Marie F. s34 1999
Smith Marion A. (Smitty) s35 1999
Sooy Viola Mae s36 1999
Streets Edna M. s35 1999
Tatar Casimer J. s37 1999
Tatar Catherine E. s37 1999
Tisch Clare E. s37 1999
Tuthill Helen Irene s37 1999
Uren John J. s38 1999
Waldron Eileen  s39 1999
Ward Albert A. s39 1999
Weldon  Arnold Lee s39 1999
Whitaker  Ernestine s39 1999
Whitaker  Don E. s40 1999
Whitehead William s40 1999
Wireman Delmer s40 1999
Wojciehowski Catherine H. s41 1999
Worden Mary Ellen  s41 1999