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The names in this file come from a variety of sources that have been accumulated over the years. The major source is a 17,000 3x5 index card file of names that was begun years ago when the ICGS Resource Room was first established.  Most of the references are to copies of items found in various folders or 3-ring notebooks housed in the Resource Room.  
Another source of names and events/subjects is scrapbooks donated to the Society with newspaper clippings that do NOT include the name or date of the newspaper.  The "source" given in the record will be the name of the person donating the scrapbook (if known) and the fact that it is a scrapbook record (i.e. Mary Smith Scrapbook). 
Anyone can see the list of names and/or subject, but you must be a member to see all the information included in the database file. Many of the 3x5 card records are just an index with no addtional information other than where to locate the actual clipping or file in the ICGS library/resource room's collection.  A request for a copy can be made to the librarian. Be sure to include all the information from the database record.
Adding names and information to this database is a continual work in progress.  Check back often for new information added.
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Surname Given Name Subject Record Type
Aardema Jaukjen Wiebes AC - See Cook, Jennie Alice "Jayne" Both Name & Subject Req'd.
Aardema Wijbe Aises AC - see Cook, Jennie Alice "Jayne" Both Name & Subject Req'd.
Abbey Glen Down Memory Lane Both Name & Subject Req'd.
Abbey Sandra L. Death: 17 May 1996 Both Name & Subject Req'd.
Abbot Theophilus C. (Rev.) Mt. Hope Cemetery Both Name & Subject Req'd.
Davis Tamela Marriage Both Name & Subject Req'd.
Walters Wendell Wedding Anniversary Both Name & Subject Req'd.
A.M.E. Trinity Church Subject Req'd.
A&W - 35th Anniversary Subject Req'd.
First Black Sorority MSU Subject Req'd.