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Olds Cemetery
(Alaiedon Township, Ingham)
Northwest corner of Sandhill and Dobie Road
Alaiedon Township, MI US
Alaiedon Township has four non-active cemeteries: Dubois, Foote-Rockwell, Strickland, and Olds.  When these cemeteries were first established, they were family cemeteries as evidenced by the oldest headstones being that family and the name of the cemetery.
Olds Cemetery is adjacent to the south side of that part of the Leek Cemetery that is west of Dobie Road.  It is often considered to be part of the Leek Cemetery, but it is a separate plot. At one time the Leek School was located in the center of the Olds Cemetery plot.  A a roughly poured concrete "monument" of sorts reads: "Leek School 1840" and "Olds Cemetery 1922"
An unsourced news article (probably Ingham County News) dated 23 Nov 1922 reads: William A. Olds of Alaiedon purchased the Leek school house and grounds at the auction held by the school board at Okemos last Saturday.  Mr. Olds intends to beaufiy the grounds for a park and a soldiers and sailors cemetery.  Burial lots will be free to all U.S. soldiers, sailors and their families at their request."  The school building was moved to a location south on Dobie Road.