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Michigan Genealogical Council Newsletter

The Michigan Genealogical Council Spring Newsletter is now available on the MGC website for you to read, download, or print.  It contains lots of great information and articles.

Ingham County Historical Commission Request

Commission members have been able to identify all but four of the photographs taken by Rev. Charles Brooks in his travels under Rural Bible Missions, Inc. as he visited various Ingham County schools circa 1945.  The four remaining unidentified schools are pictured below.
If you know or even think you might know which schools any of these four might have been, please contact either Audrey Martini or Jacob McCormick.

Until a permanent home can be found for our 20 year collection of Ingham County focused genealogical resources, the collection will be housed in a temporary trailer located at 2222 Catholic Church Road, Stockbridge (Bunkerhill Township).  Research will be by appointment only.  Contact the ICGS librarian for additional information or to make an appointment.
To complement the physical resources, volunteers have been adding an array of indexes as well as additonal records to the various databases available on this website.  Two major efforts are currently underway.  The first is to get the information from the 17,000 file cards that are an index to our miscellaneous/non-book records currently found in our ancestry charts, family file, subject and/or photograph, etc. files. The second is to glean obituary and death record information from the many scrapbooks in our collection and add the information to the Area Deaths database.  If you would like to help with either of these efforts, please contact the ICGS librarian.

Another Ingham County area resource for genealogists researching Mason or the rural townships surrounding Mason is the Mason Area Historical Museum.  Volunteers are currently cataloging the Museum's research holdings.  A new exhibit showcases families that were pioneers to the area and who still have family living in the area.  Two families are currently being featured.  The Crowl-Schalow and the Wood families.  The exhibits explain when the families first settled in the colonies and where their ancestors lived before arriving in Michigan and when they came into the Mason area.

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