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Update Aug 13, 2019

August 13, 2019
Important Notice: NGS 2018 Grand Rapids Conference and Seeking Michigan Changes:
We would like to share with you—and all those who attended the NGS 2018 Family History Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan—an important update., an eminent Michigan archive site, which was referenced by many speakers at the conference, is changing its name and its website address. Beginning 1 September 2019, the site will be known as Michiganology and will be found at

Note: The Michigan History Center was unable to offer a redirect functionality. As a result, all links to will stop working on 1 September 2019.
The new website will go live on 31 August 2019. It promises to improve public record access and searching capabilities.
For more information on this change, please see

 July 16, 2019
A quick note on the July 16th FTM-2019 presentation. 
1.The new FTM-2019 is still scheduled for release “this summer”.  People were able to “purchase” the upgrade at a discount price, but could not get it until it is released.
2.“Family Book Creator” will be a plugin for Family Tree Maker Windows.  It will turn your tree information into a detailed personalized book with just a few clicks.
3.The new version will include a “Tree Vault” cloud services option .  Your tree can be uploaded and available for emergency recovery - the example given was if there was a fire and your computer and files at home were destroyed.
4.There will be an option to “Turn back time” if you made a mistake and want to go back to just before the mistake was made – it will keep track of the last 1,000 changes.
5.The new version will allow a download of an entire branch from a FamilySearch tree and get historical record hints when you match a person in your tree to a person in a FamilySearch family tree.
6.Hints will now appear in the people index.
7.“Charting Companion 7” software will be accessible from within FTM and will use tree data to provide enhanced sharing capabilities, including color coding and several chart types that are not available in FTM, including new DNA driven charts.  The key DNA data link will be the DNA Marker information under FTM “Facts”.  Currently in FTM-2017 a user can add the date of the DNA test and the individual’s haplogroup.  The 2019 version will also have a field for the unique kit identification number that will be used for the various DNA charts:
a.DNA matrix to show how DNA ties in the members of your family.
b.DNA simulation will assist in solving how an adoptee or orphan fits in a family.
c.DNA Matches will help prioritize and group potential cousins into branches of the family.
I am sure we will be discussing the DNA charts further at the DNA Interest Group meeting in a couple of weeks (July 27th, 10am at CADL Downtown).  The software is still fairly new and we cannot do much until FTM-2019 actually comes out.