ICGS Volunteers

Our VolunteersVolunteer Corner:

                           By Diane Bishop

Since our new fiscal year began on October 1st, we have had a few volunteers donate their time and talents to help our Society continue providing services for our members and our guests. 

I would like to thank the following people for giving so generously their time and expertise. 

Thank you to Phyllis Whidden, Joanne DePeel and Steven DePeel for arriving at the Research Room every Wednesday to help work on various projects.  Phyllis and Joanne clipped news articles for our vertical file, recorded information on index cards for our card file, took the time to copy obituaries, births, and marriages from older newspapers found in scrapbooks.  Sometimes they needed to research the dates of these events because the articles were not always dated. 

Phyllis and Joanne also entered information on index cards from the Family Generation sheets that we received recently.  When they completed the sheets, they filed the cards in the card file and placed the completed Family Generation sheets in the Ancestor Chart notebook.

Steve spent hours carefully going through the card file and making sure that every card was filed correctly.  There were many cards out of order and this was a very tedious task.  This was a monumental undertaking for one person to complete. 

Thank you to Harry Warner, Lorie Neuman, Rod Jewett, Connie Stewart, Lee Laylin and Grove Sandrock for being available to help guests with research when they came to our Research Room.  They also helped with research requests that were sent to the Librarian and with various projects within the Library. 

Thank you to Lora McAdams and Lorie Neuman for all the planning and coordinating for the Christmas Potluck dinner.  We only had 18 guests this year.  We believe the low turnout was because it was really cold and the weatherman predicted possible snow.  We decided to try something new this year.  Instead of taking part in a white elephant sale after dinner, we enjoyed testing our knowledge of genealogy.  Lora found some genealogy games that were really great.  We were allowed to work in teams or on our own.  Everyone had a lot of fun deciding what the right answer was as we attempted to complete the answers for the games.  Thanks Lora for a very fun activity. 

Thank you to Bill and Cathy Carr for providing the candlelight centerpieces for the tables.  These were then given out as prizes to the winners of the games we played.  The centerpieces that were left were given to the remaining members that asked if they could have one.

Thank you to Isabelle Wells for volunteering to help staff the ICGS research room on Wednesday as the Research Room assistant.  She agreed to oversee the Research Room and the volunteers in the absence of a Librarian.  Her knowledge was greatly appreciated by the guests and members that came to work on their research. 

I would also like to thank all of the Officers and Committee members for their help and support these last three months.  The Executive Board has been working on several items and some of the meetings took a long time.  As always, their input and help is greatly appreciated by me.