ICGS Volunteers

Meet some of our ICGS Volunteers


This is a new section in our Newsletter and Web Pages.  As the year progresses, I would like to introduce each quarter, a few of the Volunteers that work so hard to keep our Society moving forward.  I am hoping that this new space in our newsletter will highlight whom they are and what they do for our Society.  It is an opportunity to thank them for their time and expertise.  Please take the time when you see them to thank them personally for their contributions. 

I would like to start this new section by thanking all those that volunteered this last fiscal year.  It will be a long list this time because I am covering a full year of their dedication.  For the year 2012-2013, our Society was fortunate to have so many people offer their time and assistance. 

Thank you to John Castle for always making sure that the key for the Vevay Township Hall was picked up and for arriving early to open the building for our Society Meetings.  Thank you for always being there to help set up the speaker system for our meetings.  We do appreciate that you volunteer to do the Oath of Office each October when the new ICGS Board Members begin their term in office.  We truly appreciate all of the help you provide us when we have questions.  You are always happy to share your knowledge and expertise with any of the officers or committee members that need guidance or just a friendly “vote of confidence”. 

Thank you to all of those that served our Society as Board Members.  I would like to thank Lorie Newman for assisting me as the Vice President.  She researched ideas and came up with several interesting programs to present at our Society meetings.  She worked closely with the Vevay Township Hall clerk to ensure that everything would still be available for our meetings.  In addition, Lorie continued to be our Social Committee chairperson for our Society meetings.  She took the lead for the picnic and the Christmas potluck dinners and made sure that we had snacks and coffee at our meetings.

Thank you to Lisa Feury for volunteering to be the Recording Secretary.  This particular job requires accurate recording of the discussions and reports from Officers and Committee members.  Lisa has done a remarkable job at providing us with the most accurate minutes from all the Executive Board and Society membership meetings this last year. 

Thank you to William Carr for the attention to the details of where our money comes from, what annual bills must be paid at a specific time, the payment of any accrued expenses and exactly how much money we have available to keep our Society in good financial status.  Bill has done an excellent job at keeping track of all of the financial records for our Society. 

Thank you to our Membership Secretary, Cathy Carr, for maintaining the records regarding our membership.  She has done a wonderful job of notifying members when their membership dues are due and payable as well as notifying the Executive Board about the updates to our membership roster.  Cathy also provides new members with their nametag for the Society meetings. 

Thank you to Barbara Bridges for all of the time she donated to our Society by maintaining the ICGS Research Room at the Mason Public Library.  She does not realize how much she has learned about our room since taking over this position.  Barb seeks new ways on how the material is maintained within our research library and on ways to improve our research process.  She has contributed so many ideas for use in our facility.  As the Librarian, she has spent many hours working on the requests sent to us for research.  Her dedication to providing the best possible research for our “genealogy customers” is amazing. 

Thank you to the two Trustees, Jeff Montgomery and Julie Carr, who volunteered to review our financial records and make sure that all the information, was accurate.  Matching the income and expenses with the receipts can be a little tedious.  However, this job is an important one to complete each year. 

I must also thank all of the Committee Chairpersons for all the contributions they made this last year.  Harry Warner has done an amazing job of updating and maintaining our Society webpage this last year.  He has totally revised the site from the previous one and added many new items of interest.  The information that Harry maintains on our website allows so many people the opportunity to learn about our Society.  The ICGS newsletter contains so much information and Cindy Hawkins has done a fantastic job of putting it all together each quarter for distribution to our members.  She takes the time to research interesting articles from the material available in our Research Room.  The newsletter has articles submitted by various people in our Society and all members are encouraged to contribute articles to Cindy for publication.  Thank you to Alice Raatz who was our Society Historian.  She took some amazing pictures and did an excellent job creating an album that our Society should be very proud to share with others.  Thank you to David Held who volunteered to be our Publicity Chairperson.  He made sure that he provided the information about our Society meetings in a timely manner to all of the local newspapers.  Thank you to Rod Jewett, who took on the job of Publishing.  He worked very diligently on the DVD project that provided our Society with searchable issues of the Ingham County News from 1935 to 1965.  This was a huge project.  Thank you to Isabelle Wells, who was in charge of the Merchandise Sales of all our DVD’s and CD‘s.  She has done an amazing job of maintaining our inventory of items for sale.  Isabelle makes sure to mail or deliver in person all the items that are purchased from our Society.  Thank you to her grandsons for helping to create the DVD’s for our Society.  Thank you to Sam Pardee and Tammy Parsons for volunteering to be the delegates for our Society at the Michigan Genealogical Council.  They did an excellent job of keeping us informed of what was going on at the State level.   Thank you to William Carr for volunteering to be our delegate to the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS).   Bill did an excellent job of keeping us informed about what the FGS could offer us with seminars and articles that might help us improve our own Society.  He was the liaison that helped our Society receive reviews on our website and our newsletter.  The Federation made some very good suggestions for improvement on how we present ourselves to the public. 

I also wish to thank Phyllis Whidden, Isabelle Wells, Joanne and Steve DePeel for volunteering every week at the ICGS Research Room.  They work very hard to maintain the current information available from the area newspapers by clipping obituaries, birthdays, anniversaries and articles pertaining to the local history.  Thank you to Connie Stewart for putting aside her own research and volunteering to step in to help guests with research when we had more guests at the library than staff available to help them.   Thank you to Rod Jewett, Dave Held, Grove Sandrock, Lisa Feury and Lorie Neuman for making time to volunteer at the library when their schedules permitted.  

Thank you to those members that volunteered to be the Greeters at our Society meetings this last year.  Those volunteers were Phyllis Whidden, Betty Hitchens, Grove Sandrock, Beth Hall, June Sommer, Cathy Carr, Sam and Joanne Pardee, Lisa Feury and Julie Carr.  We appreciate the time you spent to make visitors feel welcome at our meetings.

We all enjoy a good cup of coffee, a snack and some conversation with visitors and old friends at our meetings.  Thank you to everyone that volunteered to host the Society meeting by coming a little early to make the coffee and help set up the refreshment table.  Those volunteers include Harry and Cathy Warner, Tammy Parsons, Alice Raatz, and Bill Carr.  Thank you to those that volunteered to provide the snacks for our meetings.  Those volunteers include Phyllis Whidden, Betty Hitchens, Isabelle Wells, Connie Stewart, Alice Raatz, Tammy Parsons, Jeff Montgomery, Joann DePeel, Lisa Feury, Carol Hall, Cathy Carr, Cathy Warner, and Grove Sandrock

The Ingham County Genealogical Society is always looking for ways to let others in the area know about our Society and what our Society is able to provide to those that would like to grow their own Family Tree.  Spring Fling and Down Home Days are two additional ways we meet and greet the general community.  Thank you to the following volunteers for agreeing to spend an hour talking with people about genealogy and our Society.  Those volunteers this last year were:  Jeff Montgomery, Bill Carr, Isabelle Wells, Cindy Hawkins, Beth Hall, Connie Stewart, Joann DePeel, Melissa Alvarado, Michelle Orrison, Grove Sandrock, Carol Hall, Betty Hitchens, Phyillis Whidden, Tammy Parsons, Alice Raatz, John Castle, Barb Bridges, Lorie Neuman, and Kim Donaldson

As you can see there are many names that appear more than once for the various ways they volunteered this last year.  These are truly the dedicated members of our Society and so richly deserve all the gratitude we can provide. 

As always, we ask each member of our society to help when an opportunity appears.   We have so many ways for you to help us out by volunteering just a little of your time.  We are always looking for people to volunteer to be a Greeter at one of our Membership meetings.  Maybe you like to bake.  We need people to volunteer to help with the refreshments at one of our Society meetings.  (If you prefer to bring cheese and crackers or fruit that is a great idea also.) We have the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for genealogy with members of the community at Spring Fling in May and Down Home Days in September.  If you plan to check out this event, maybe you could spend an hour helping in our ICGS booth.  You could sign up with a friend or maybe make a new friend.  Twice a year we have a fun event for our members and their families and friends.  We plan a picnic in August and a Christmas potluck in December.  We ask everyone to bring a dish to pass (share).  However, there are many additional opportunities to help with these activities also. 

Did you see your name here?  If not, would you consider volunteering this next year?  Many opportunities require very little time and some require a commitment to complete a project.  Could you come 30 minutes early to one of our Society meetings and help make coffee and set out refreshments?  Could you come 30 minutes early to one of our Society meetings and “Greet” everyone attending the presentation?   Do you have time to occasionally volunteer at the ICGS Reference Room?  Currently our library is open from noon to 4 p.m. on Wednesday.  If you could spare one afternoon or maybe as little as an hour, we could use your help.  We have lots of fun helping others look up information on family members from this area.  Sometimes we discover that the person coming for help is also researching some of our family members.  The sharing of information with each other is priceless.  Do you have a talent for planning or organizing that we could put to use when we are planning our picnic in August or our potluck dinner in December?  If you could spare the time to help plan these events, your help would be very welcome. 

We know that everyone has a busy schedule to keep.  Any amount of time or expertise that you are willing to donate to help our society is greatly appreciated by everyone.  Every little bit helps.  I hope that this next year we can add some new names to the list of volunteers for this Society.  Volunteering to help in any way you can allows you the opportunity to get to know other members within our Society. 

Remember, you can always ask us exactly what duties are involved if you should think about volunteering to help on any requests we make.