Townships of Ingham County

Burial Permits, Burial Transit Permits, Disinterment and Re-interment Permits Index

This is an index of 17,201 names of deceased individuals found in original source documents for Maple Grove Cemetery, Alaiedon Township, Aurelius Township, Leroy Township, Locke Township, Maple Ridge Cemetery, Meridian Township, City of Stockbridge, Vevay Township and Woodland Cemetery burial permits, burial transit permits, disinterment and re-interment permits. The permits were indexed then microfilmed  by the Ingham County Genealogical Society.

What genealogical information would typically be found on these types of records?

1. Deceased full name
2. Date of Death
3. Place of Death
4. Possible date of Burial
5. Age
6. Sex
7. Cause of Death
8. Lot number and Section in Cemetery
9. Other persons buried in this same lot

Indexing done by members of the Ingham County Genealogical Society.

As you read (right) across the page, Last Name, First Name of the deceased, year the permit was issued (not a date of death), Vol#, sequence number of permit and database name. Note: Maple Ridge Cemetery index contains a limited number of burial transit permits and shows the Lot/Block designation in the page column.

Microfilms of these records can be found in the

Ingham County Genealogical Society History Room
on the 2nd floor of the
Mason Public Library in Mason, Michigan,

The Library of Michigan in Lansing, Michigan, and at

The Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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