Calendar of Events

2014 Meetings - - Everyone is Welcome

All Meetings Begin at 7:00 PM*

January 9 No Meeting
February 13

Jesse Lasorda:  "The Unusual Journey of an Ingham County Civil War Soldier" - The Life and Times of Private Louis Kelsey and His Connection to the Epic Civil War Movie "Glory."

March 13 Donald Hinkle: ""
April 10

We'll watch a movie called "The Human Family Tree" by National Geographic

A link will be provided for access to the Webinar:

"Forward Thinking Tracing the Children of Your Ancestors. And Their Children.  And..." with the Barefoot Genealogist Crista Cowen moderated by Juliana Smith.

Are you stuck in your march back through time identifying ancestors? Turn around. Revitalize your research. Rekindle your desire to continue with some success. Descendancy research utilizes much of the same methodology as ancestral research but can lead to a whole new way of looking at your genealogy. Often it can lead to discovery of cousins who have missing pieces of the puzzle needed to complete your picture of common ancestors. Crista Cowan has been doing genealogy since she was a child and has been an employee since 2004. Known as the Barefoot Genealogist, Crista brings her passion for family history into her presentations and provides common sense solutions for the challenges we face in the search for our ancestors.

May 8

Diane Oslund: "Count Your Census?" - Discuss U.S. and or Canadian census records. What's on them, how accurate are they, what is a census year, and lots of other tidbits.

June 12 No Meeting
July 10 No Meeting
August 14* Everyone Guests - Picnic and Open Discussion

Nomination of Officers
September 11

Katherine Willson:  "Using GOOGLE before Family Search or Ancestry"

Election of Officers

October 9 Derek Davey: Part 1 of 2 Part Series "Migration Patterns to Northwest Ohio"

Induction of Officers
November 13

Tips and Tricks and Show and Tell Genealogy Round Table Discussion

December 11* Everyone Guests - Christmas Dinner Open Discussion

 *August and December meetings start 1/2 hour earlier.